Language Skills Institute

The exodus of Filipino workers abroad to find quality improvement continues to be on the rise. The Pinoy Workers of the World (WOW) have to face the stiff competition in the global labor market as to qualifications, competencies and current language proficiency.

Likewise, the demand for call center agents increases as the clientele of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) and the Contact Centers Association of the Philippines (CCAP) also increases.

The government has recognized that language proficiency and understanding of workplace culture further enhance the competitiveness and marketability of Filipino job-ready workers thereby providing them better employment opportunities in the global labor market. Language proficiency is considered highly contributory in increasing the Filipino workers’ productivity, efficiency and quality service delivery. Hence, the Language Skills Institute (LSI) was established.

The LSI serves as TESDA’s language skills training facility envisioned to provide world class workplace-based language skills training to Filipino job-ready workers.

Vision Statment

The language Skills Institute is the leading partner in the development of the Filipino workforce when it comes to language competencies, understanding of various culture and positive work values.

Mission Statment

To provide excellent workplace-based language skills training to the Filipino job-ready.


LSI designs and provide services in accordance to the specific needs of its clients e.g. industries, individuals, etc.


To enhance both the competitiveness and marketability of Filipino job-ready workers in the domestic and international labor markets.


Soon to offer call center and photography training.

Transparency Seal

Transparency Seal